A team passionate in all things software

A team
passionate in
all things software

AgilityIO was founded by seasoned Wall Street and Silicon Valley technologists in 2011. Our mission is to help solve the tech industry's talent crunch problem. We are trusted partners that create game-changing web + mobile experiences with lasting value. We are redefining software innovation.

Executive Team

Chok Leang Ooi Chok Leang Ooi

Chok Leang Ooi


Past: Veteran of Wall Street and Silicon Valley managing Agile teams and building trading systems.

Present: Leads the growth and development of the company

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Major: Electrical Engineering

Most life-changing technology: Evernote

Favorite app: Spotify

Addicted to: Noodles (Super Spicy only) & Scotch

Secret Talent: Working non-stop

Trung Ngo Trung Ngo

Trung Ngo

CEO, Agility Vietnam

Past: Student at UC Irvine

Present: Fuels the business by overseeing our 150+ developers

Hometown: Da Nang, Vietnam

Major: Informatics and Computer Science

Most life-changing technology: HTML5

Favorite app: Evernote

Addicted to: Starcraft

Secret Talent: Playing computer games non-stop

Tho Pham Tho Pham

Tho Pham


Past: Taught computer science at a college

Present: Drives our technological capabilities to be 5 steps ahead of the curve

Hometown: Quang Nam, Vietnam

Major: Computer Science

Most life-changing technology: Linux

Favorite app: IFTTT

Addicted to: Soccer

Secret Talent: Watching soccer games non-stop

Angelina Ho Angelina Ho

Angelina Ho

CEO, Agility US

Past: Designer at financial technology companies

Present: Together with our designers, create amazing, lasting user experiences

Hometown: Hong Kong

Major: Interactive Telecommunications

Most life-changing technology: Computers

Favorite app: Whatsapp (to stay in touch with family overseas)

Addicted to: Soup

Secret Talent: Staying at home all the time

Charmaine Ong Charmaine Ong

Charmaine Ong

Managing Director, Agility Singapore

Past: Director in Asia Pacific's advertising and marketing industry, specializing in technology and B2B businesses

Present: Accelerates our Southeast Asia expansion and ensures our operations run smoothly

Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Major: Political Science

Most life-changing technology: The Internet

Favorite app: Spotify

Addicted to: White Russians and single malts

Secret Talent: "I read minds…"

Jordan Wexler Jordan Wexler

Jordan Wexler


Past: Entrepreneur, SocialSway

Present: Working with our CEO to build new relationships

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Most life-changing technology: iPhone

Favorite app: Instagram

Addicted to: Crazy Adventures

Secret Talent: Basketball Expert

Luis Menacho Luis Menacho

Luis Menacho

Director of UX

Past: Entrepreneur and Illustrator

Present: Director of UX

Hometown: Queens, New York

Major: Graphic Design and Illustration

Most life-changing technology: The cell phone

Favorite app: Audible

Addicted to: Playing Handball

Secret Talent: I can paint landscapes

Teresa Lee Teresa Lee

Teresa Lee

VP, Finance & Operations

Past: Import Manager

Present: Head of Finance & Operations

Hometown: Made in Taiwan, Packaged in New York

Major: Psychology

Most life-changing invention: The toilet

Favorite app: Google Maps

Addicted to: Ice Cream & McDonald’s fries

Secret Talent: Bilingual emcee host. Voiceover for TV & documentaries

Fun Fact: Scrambled eggs expert

Sounds like a good place to work?

Bragging Points

  • 200+

    Developers, Designers,
    Project Managers

  • 90+

    Clients in startups
    and brands

  • 180+

    Mobile Apps and
    Websites built

  • 25.3k

    Bowls of
    noodles consumed

  • 50+

    HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, Node, Ruby, Python, Java, .NET and more.

  • 3

    Office in New York,
    Vietnam, Singapore

  • CNBC
  • Forbes
  • BBC
  • Tech in Asia
  •  Fortune
  • The wall street journal
  • DNA
  • astro AWANI
  • Today
  • Foodbank

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