Meez is a recipe tool used by culinary schools and restaurants that transforms recipe content into an interactive database for cost projection and menu engineering. It can also connect to an inventory or purchasing system, allowing users to pull purchases directly from vendors or scan invoices for faster processing.

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Optimize recipe workflow to elevate profits

Cost Predictions

Meez provides visibility on ingredient costs by streamlining the food costing process and automatically accounting for key metrics.

Precise Scaling

Meez allows users to dynamically scale recipes to meet exact demand, providing the benefits of reduced food and labor waste.

Train Faster and Smarter

Meez makes it easy to turn recipes into interactive training materials, helping to ramp up new employees quickly and reduce staff turnover.

Integrate With Your Team

Starting with the simple idea of digitizing the chef's work, AgilityIO worked directly with the Meez team to define the core criteria and key functions that formed the development foundation for the Meez application. As the application scales, we continue to collaborate with Meez's product owner, designers, marketing team, and stakeholders, focusing on direct exchange, technology transfer, experience sharing, and helping to bring the Meez application to a new level.

We built the Meez web application to run smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices.

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We developed the Admin Dashboard with key functions for Meez to manage objects in their database.

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