Top 10 Questions about AgilityIO

  1. What Is AgilityIO?

    AgilityIO is a global consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs take their ideas to the next level.

  2. Cool. Where is your team located?

    We have offices in New York City, Vietnam, and Singapore. Our UX/UI design and business development teams are based out of NYC, while our development team calls Vietnam home. We also recently opened an office in Singapore to meet the growing demands for our services in Asia.

  3. Wow, that’s quite a distance in between! How do you overcome the time difference?

    Great question. Our mastery of working together closely as a distributed team is our secret sauce. Here’s how we do it: We utilize the necessary mix of communication channels and logistical tools - such as Slack and Hipchat - that ensures the engagement process with our clients is seamless. Our technical leads are also readily available during part of US office hours to collaborate with clients.

    More on how we work as a distributed team here.

  4. That’s good to know. How does AgilityIO work with its clients, exactly?

    Check out the cool graphics we’ve created below that outline this process:

    How we develop

    1. Ramp Up

      Our developers analyze the wireframes, perform sanity check, set up the build environment, and begin coding

    2. Weekly Sprints

      We deliver tangible features at the end of each sprint, and fix bugs reported in previous sprints

    3. Client Testing

      Clients test the weekly builds, provide feedback, accept/reject stories, and file bugs

    4. Production Hardening

      We wrap up feature development. Our developers will resolve all remaining bugs, perform cross device porting, performance tuning, and prepare the app for release

    5. Release

      We release the app to production

    How we work

    1. Client Interview

      Client provides us with high level specs, sketches or basic wireframes. We interview clients with more detailed questions to map out the project scope

    2. UX Estimation

      We provide a time-boxed estimate for developing the user journey wireframes

    3. UX Design

      We design the user journey wireframes, showing the full application layout and flow, as well as the features and interaction modes. This may be done in black and white for faster delivery

    4. UI Design

      We design the hight fidelity UI mockup, or client designers will design the mockup based on the UX wireframes

    5. Development Estimation

      We provide development estimates for the coding work based on the wireframes

    6. Development

      We start development, and we deliver a working build on a weekly basis

  5. This question is really important. Will you take any equity from my company?

    You’ll be happy to know that AgilityIO generally does not take equity in the companies we work with. We do, however, have an extensive network of startups and investors, and we go above and beyond to help our clients connect with potential partners and investors whenever we can. After all, our goal is to help our clients succeed.

  6. Awesome. I like to be in control of my own product. Could I work directly with your developers?

    Absolutely. If you choose to work directly with our developers, we will assign one of our Vietnam tech leads to your project. On the other hand, if you would like to engage with our NY team solely, we will add one of our NY-based project managers in to facilitate the project.

  7. What if I already have an existing product or service? What do I need to provide to your team for them to continue development?

    At the very least, we will need you to share the existing code base, backlog of features you need built, as well as wireframes and Photoshop files for any UI that needs to be implemented. Any other documentation that you currently have for managing development will also be useful.

  8. Cool, that works for me. What tools does your team use to manage projects? There are some that I just can’t live without.

    We know that feel. For UX/UI design, we use InVision to manage client reviews and feedback. For development, we use Pivotal Tracker. This is our recommended tool as it enables us to track team velocity and productivity. However, we are open to using other popular tools such as Trello, Asana, Jira, and so on if our clients prefer to use them.

  9. How will resource allocation to my project be done?

    For UX/UI design briefs, we will typically propose a time-boxed, hourly-based engagement. For development, we will need to look at the wireframes and/or backlog in order to propose the size of the team for your project, as well as the number of weeks needed to complete the work. Don’t worry, the developers we assign to your project are 100% dedicated to you alone.

  10. Sounds great. One final - and critical - question: Who owns the intellectual property (IP) for the product/service that you built for me?

    All products and services that we build for our clients are works for hire, and therefore all IP rights belong solely to you.

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