Bond traders receive daily lists of hundreds to thousands of bonds they can potentially buy. Deciding on which bond to buy and sell takes up to several per trade. There's no intellectually rigorous way to do this - until now.

Upper Room Technologies provides a simple, intuitive fintech solution to capital markets investors. Consider The Bond Trader™ as the missing link for investors seeking to improve returns. UpperRoom scans bond inventory lists, gains incredible insight, then aims to mitigate downside risk by algorithmically vetting the best value bonds for investment and compliance goals.

Screenshot of UpperRoom webapp user dashboard

Bond Data Is Endless.
Your Time Is Not.

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Discover the best bond trades in seconds

The UpperRoom Bond Trader™ software discovers bonds and portfolios then sends trade recommendations based on scores.

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Immediately vet trade ideas

The algorithm generates hypothetical buys and sales by portfolio to mitigate downside risk.

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Quickly distill bond data as it comes at you

The high-tech dashboard pre-calculates bond and portfolio metrics using normalized data.

Integrate With Your Team

AgilityIO collaborated with former UpperRoom CEO, Matthew Kee during all three stages of the software development process to launch the new user dashboard. Adopting our Agile Methodology, we were able to deliver weekly updates, communicating technical and architectural UX/UI design and full-stack development reports.

We invited UpperRoom stakeholders to our Product Discovery Workshop to identify spec requirements and feature prioritization.


Our UI/UX Design team created a data-heavy interface within the constraint of screen real estate.

Our Full Scrum team collaborated with the client to translate the complicated algorithm setting process into a simple and intuitive workflow.

Our dedicated Senior Backend Development team focused on complex vector computings.

Tech Stack



Apache Spark



Amazon Web Services